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Fast and easy Home Loans for 1099/self employed, Property Investors, And Other Home loan Cases. We specialize in Jumbo Loans.

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How to Get an investment Mortgage

Schedule A Consultation

Schedule A Consultation

Consult with one of our experienced loan officers who will comprehend your objectives and assist you in formulating a strategy.

Understand Your Options

Understand Your Options

Learn about the available investment mortgage options designed for 1099 individuals.

Close Your Loan

Close Your Loan

We will help you through a stress-free loan application procedure and close on time.

investment Mortgages For 1099 Contractors

When it comes to working with homebuyers who want to invest in real estate, Lending Warehouse is the go-to MORTGAGE LENDER.

To put it another way, we provide financing for financing as an integral part of our daily lending practice, which means that these programs are something we work with every day and not just on occasion. Our clients will really benefit from 30+ years of investment mortgage lending experience.

Regardless of the program you select, Loan Warehouse’s customized lending solutions provide outstanding customer care.

Creative Mortgage Options For Savvy Entrepreneurs

Investment Mortgages Available for You

Lending Warehouse will help you discover creative mortgage programs built specifically for investors, business owners, entrepreneurs and more. Here are some advantages to the mortgage solutions we will show you.

Credit Scores 640+

Credit Scores

Self employed professionals are constantly making investment risks which often prevent perfect credit scores. Have no worries. Lending Warehouse understands how to identify savvy investors. We are here to help you!

No Income Verification

No Income

In no-income-verification mortgages, lenders do not require applicants to verify or document their source of income. Other names for these mortgages include “stated-income” loans and “no-doc” or “alt-doc” loans, however they all fall under the same umbrella description with only slight differences.

2nd Home Rental Properties

2nd Home
Rental Properties

Real estate investing requires capital. A lot of it…
But one of the greatest advantages of real estate is the ability to leverage financial institutions funds to develop an investing portfolio.
We are here to help you understand the out side the box solutions.

Creative Mortgage Solutions For Investment Property Programs

Investment Mortgage Loan Options



Learn creative mortgage refinancing strategies to leverage your equity and capitalize on real estate investment opportunities.


Learn creative mortgage refinancing strategies to leverage your equity and capitalize on real estate investment opportunities.


Rental income might be a wonderful method to protect your money from continued volatility. Learn the financing requirements and mortgage options for rental properties.


Discover the available programs available to savvy business owners in your state.


Unlock the equity in your home with a reverse mortgage loan. Perfect for retirees looking to supplement their income and maintain the comfort of their own home.


At Lending Warehouse, we specialize in investment mortgages for 1099 and self employed individuals.

Our team is highly experienced with creative options specific to your needs.

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